About Bay Farm Advisory

Helping businesses realize their full potential, achieve goals, and increase profits through strategic planning and execution.

A little bit about me...

I spent 19 years in an executive leadership role at a manufacturing and distribution business in the Automotive Aftermarket before exiting the business after successfully marketing it to a private equity backed strategic buyer in late 2021. Having served in a leadership capacity in almost every business function, I have had the opportunity to learn how a business works from the inside out and from inception to exit.

My contributions have almost always had one common theme: innovation. Innovation in business models, customer service, products, leadership, marketing, finance, culture, and so much more.

It was through my passion for innovation, and a whole lot of teamwork, that the business grew to levels never anticipated. Along the way, I learned the value of having an outside set of eyes providing fresh insights to the leadership team. With these key insights in hand, our team was laser focused on successfully achieving our goals.

Select career highlights include:

  • Pioneered the successful introduction of a disruptive brand that transformed a business and created real value for customers, employees, and shareholders
  • Drove growth through new business models including Wholesale Distribution, Private Label, eCommerce, Direct-to-Store, and Direct-to-Consumer
  • Consolidated national distribution operations, eliminated redundant inventories, implemented new WMS technology, and introduced new operational capabilities

Subject areas of expertise:

Automotive Aftermarket, Lean Operations, ISO 9001, EDI, OCR/Esker, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), DiSC, Sandler Sales, The Balanced Scorecard, Amazon Seller, Amazon Vendor, Shopify, Klaviyo, ShipStation, Zendesk, EOS, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, CRM, Power BI, ACES, PIES, O365

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